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For hundreds of years Christian scholars have spoken of Babylon, but not the one on the Euphrates River. They’ve devised their own Babylon! They decided that the ancient ruins of Babylon would never be rebuilt so they sought their own alternative.

By Neville V. Stevens

The Bible speaks extensively of Babylon, and identifies it as the evil city. It was the birthplace of the seed of Satan the devil. In the very Garden of Eden, the die was set for all of humanity. The Garden of Eden, situated in the very region of Babylon, became the place where God pronounced His curse on the arch-rebel of the universe, and all those who would follow him.

Today, that arch-rebel has begun to rebuild the ancient ruins, and to again restore his former glory. In the very land where he rebelled, and corrupted God’s human creation, he will face destruction on an unimaginative scale. Currently, his man on the ground is Saddam Hussein, who has been appointed to do his bidding.


An artist’s impression of Babylon as it existed anciently. Whether or not the artist’s concept is accurate, it nevertheless conveys the imposing nature of the city and its immensity. It was a prize indeed to any ruler capable of taking it in battle.

For hundreds of years church leaders have believed that Babylon would never arise again. In practical terms, there would seem to be no purpose in rebuilding it. It was a safe bet to conclude that it would never arise again - even though the Bible says otherwise. They felt that compromise was an option, and so they devised the own ‘symbolic’ Babylon.

An Anglican bishop, Alexander Hislop, went ever further in his book ‘The Two Babylons’, which was published in 1916. He proposed there were two Babylons, one of which, he claimed, was Rome and/or the Vatican. In support of his contentious opinions, he offered reams of symbolic ‘proof’. The problem was, his ‘proof’ included symbolism from many former civilizations, including Egypt. Yet he was unable to explain why Egypt didn’t also fulfill the symbolism of the Babylon, which he proposed as the alternative to the Babylon spoken of in the Bible.

Many teachers have come and gone who made the same claims. Herbert Armstrong believed Alexander Hislop and taught the same things. And contrary to all that the Bible says, Armstrong said one of the proofs of the Bible is that the City of Babylon would never be re-built. For thousands of years, the Bible has adamantly stated that Babylon would be rebuilt, and would be the seat of power for the despot of the world. For two millennia, the ruins have lain there as a testimony of things to come. It seemed beyond belief that anyone would spent the billions of dollars needed to restore this city. In practical terms, it would make sense to re-build it in a different location, but God’s instructions are specific! This city had to be re-built on its former site and the rulers of the heavenly realm had no option to vary God’s instructions.

Some of the bricks of the ancient ruins still carry the embossed message of King Nebuchadnezzar. The caption says it all!   "I am Nebuchadnezzar, the king of the world"

Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon – not Rome! And everything the Bible has to say about Babylon refers to the city on the Euphrates River.

Who then, would engage such a project to rebuild these ancient ruins? Only one man – the ruler of Iraq, the territory of the ancient land of Babylon. And he must build it! This is the man who has all the characteristics of Nebuchadnezzar before his sanity returned and the spirit ruler was cast out of him. Saddam Hussein is the very embodiment of that spirit ruler. He is also the human counterpart of Pharaoh, Herod, and three other rulers. All of these ruled under, and were appointed by the arch-rebel of the universe. Satan ruled over them all. One of these spirit rulers reigned from Adam to Moses (Rom 5:14), and is named in Rev 6:8 "I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him."

Saddam Hussein is a mere puppet in the hands of the rulers of the heavenly realm. He merely fulfills all that is demanded of him by the spirit being that possesses him. And in keeping with his appointed role, he has spent billions of dollars to re-build Babylon, and has emulated his forebear Nebuchadnezzar in almost everything.

Notice the brickwork in the new Babylon now being built.  Saddam Hussein follows in the footsteps of his mentor and predecessor by embossing the bricks with his own inscription. Here we find some of Saddam Hussein’s bricks similarly inscribed and selectively positioned throughout the many walls and buildings.

The hand points to this inscription on the new bricks:

"In the era of President Saddam Hussein all Babylon was constructed in three stages. From Nebuchadnezzar to Saddam Hussein, Babylon is rising again."

It’s hardly surprising that Saddam Hussein has defined three stages of development of ancient Babylon. He has also set in stone this statement: ‘Babylon is rising again’.

And what did the false prophets say? They said Babylon would never rise again! They simply would not believe God. While the Babylonians were in the very act of besieging Jerusalem anciently, God spoke of a time when they would arise again, and conquer the world. This is what He says: Hab 1:5 "Look at the nations and watch – and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told. I AM RAISING UP THE BABYLONIANS, that ruthless and impetuous people, WHO SWEEP ACROSS THE WHOLE EARTH to seize dwelling-places not their own." And the Bible makes it very plain that Babylon will be the seat of power over all those who are enjoined to it. But only for a short time!

And before Babylon can rule over anyone, it must first be built. And there is no tokenism in this massive project. This is being done on a scale that could scarcely be imagined. Every effort is being made to reproduce exactly what existed in the days of Nebuchadnezzar, including his very throne room! Nebuchadnezzar was no slouch when it comes to opulence, and the size of the room demonstrates this. Saddam Hussein has rebuilt it on the exact spot where Nebuchadnezzar directed his empire. What decisions, what acts of brutality were planned in this very throne room! It was here that Nebuchadnezzar consigned Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to the fiery furnace. It was here that Daniel advised him of the meaning of his dream of the great image. The explanation given by Daniel reaches all the way to our time today. He spoke of four kingdoms that would arise consecutively, and which would all exist in the endtime. He spoke of a mighty rock that would crush all these kingdoms TOGETHER and AT THE SAME TIME (Dan 2:35). Daniel spoke of our day!

In this very throne room, decisions will be made that will cost the lives of millions of people.

The throne room of Nebuchadnezzar has been rebuilt on the former, ancient site. It was on this spot, and in this room, that Belshazzar saw the hand write on the wall predicting his demise. This is the room where his guests drank out of the golden goblets from God’s Temple.

The immense size of this room is evident from the two men walking near the entrance to the ante room. Not being a shy man, Saddam Hussein wanted all to know whose city this is, and who its ruler is. Set high in a wall near the entrance is his contribution to his admirers. He wanted to ensure that everyone who wanted to admire him had the opportunity to do so.

Knowing the proclivity of Islamics to worship their leaders, he felt it improper to deny them the privilege. And to dismiss any of the ‘them and us’ mentality, he built himself a palace on the adjoining hill so he, too could participate in admiring his image.

Saddam has a secret! Secretly, he would like to rule the world, but no one will let him. It’s his avowed intention to generate hatred for the U.S. who he blames for everything. Dutifully, his Islamic followers spread this same hatred throughout the earth.

Moslems all over the world await the arrival of a great leader to lead them in the fulfillment of all their ambitions of conquest. Saddam Hussein would like to be that man. Bible prophecy reveals that he won’t fulfill these ambitions. But he is a central figure in prophetic events. In fulfillment of his ambition, his house is being built in the city of Babylon.

Not your average bungalow in the country, though! Even in its partially built state, the extravagance is obvious. The obscene opulence and magnificence of this palace must be seen to be believed. Saddam has had a lot of practice building palaces; he builds a new one every year to celebrate his birthday. Well, with this palace he has outdone himself.

Here is a view of his new palace from the parapet walls of the new city of Babylon:

The great palace now in construction is viewed from the parapet of the city of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar was able to stand atop his palace and survey all the city of Babylon which he built (Dan 4:28-29). Saddam will be able to do exactly the same.

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Tell me more, you say! Well here’s another view:

This time the view is from the among the ruins, the yet-undeveloped area of Babylon. Notice the thickness of the brick walls. It shows the immensity of the former structure. Each structure was a fortress in itself – an impregnable barrier to any would-be invader. And the god who ruled it was a god of fortresses.

And another:

The great palace dominates the skyline when viewed from this angle. Saddam has no intention of going unnoticed! He doesn’t like to lend money in case the borrower squanders it on the necessities of life, like food, clothing, etc.

And from this angle you see the immense size of this multi-storied palace. If anyone had any doubts of the determination to develop this site, this palace, set on the very hill of the former tower of Babel, should dispel them all. But what of the rest of the city? And what is the scale of the development so far? The view of one of the outer walls gives you some idea:

A palm tree imprints the wall in the rays of the setting sun. An oak tree would have been more appropriate to reflect the oak tree or Allah (Hebrew for oak), the real power behind this development.

Click on photos to see enlargements.

Ishtar’s Gate has been restored to its former splendor, complete with the animal embossing. The curator and caretaker (and propagandist) greets a visitor and asks him for a loan to supplement his income. He mentions his 10 sickly children and a mother-in-law who can only eat caviar.


The foundations continue to rise above the vast river plain. The unfinished buildings in the foreground testify to the immensity and scale of the development.


More walls showing how the internal structures abut the perimeter wall. Great attention to detail ensures that the Babylon that once existed is set to rise again.

Click on photos to see enlargements.

The labyrinth-like passages seem to go on forever throughout this massive development. No cost is spared to authenticate the city of ancient Babylon.


The ancient ruins in the foreground, and the new city rises in the background. This project shows no sentimentality for ancient ruins. They build right over the top of it all, literally erasing the former and replacing it with the present. The new Babylon will cover all its former history, both in fact, and in prophecy.

Click on photos to see enlargements.

The two figures in this picture clearly show the size and scale of all that is being done here. Economies of scale are not a consideration in the minds of those whose dream it is to see Babylon rise again.


The curator of the ancient site asks for donations for a poverty fund that he administers. He mentions a family with 10 sickly children and a mother-in-law with a stomach disorder. He describes his Islamic counterparts as humanitarian, and always concerned for the welfare of others. Cheques and jewelry are acceptable. Saddam Hussein, he says, is really a nice man but no one understands him.


Yet another view of the great boundary wall that encloses this massive project. In the stillness of the early morning rays, it rises like a phoenix to fulfill its destiny.

Click on photos to see enlargements.

An artist impression of the ziggurat that Alexander the Great destroyed after the conquest of Babylon. He planned to restore it, but died before it could be built. Ziggurats were traditionally used for human sacrifice. Many examples of these still exist in ruins in Central America. The disgusting practices of the Aztecs reveal their use.

Daniel explained to Nebuchadnezzar that he, who represented a tree, would be cut down leaving only a stump in the ground. That stump, he said, would be bound with iron and bronze (Dan 4:23). The meaning of this stump was that the kingdom would be restored to him when he acknowledged that Heaven rules (V26). Nebuchadnezzar, after seven years of beastlike behaviour, did acknowledge that Heaven rules (V34), but the beast that dominated him did not! And the stump remained – until Saddam Hussein arose to begin the long process of establishing Babylon as a world-ruling kingdom.

But Saddam Hussein is a mere bit-player in the scenario that is about to unfold. He pales into insignificance against the prophesied beast that will arise. This beast will sweep across the earth and crush everything before him – just like Alexander the Great. And God Himself will give him unfettered license to do as he pleases – but only for a short time.

The beast, that is yet to arise, will corrupt those who have violated the Covenant, but those who know their God will firmly resist him (Dan 11:32). This man is yet to be revealed, and will not be revealed until he, who is the restraining force in this world, is taken out of the way (2Thess 2:4-7). The mighty armies of this restraining force will soon be no more!

Saddam Hussein has been appointed to prepare the way for the evil beast that will arise. This man is the man of sin, the very essence of evil. And he will arise with all the power of Satan the devil (Rev 13:2). Two great blocs of power will exist at that time. A northern kingdom and a southern kingdom, but this will be no impediment to the beast. He will emerge like a storm to crush many kingdoms and to destroy everything in his path.

And yet, Saddam Hussein also has an important role to play. He too, is described in the Book of Revelation. And this is what it says: Rev 6:1 "I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a white horse! It’s rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest." The description ends abruptly. He rode out as a conqueror with an ambition of conquest, but faced the restraining power of the mightiest military forces on earth. He faced the firstborn son of God – Ephraim (Jer 31:9). Please don’t write in saying this is blasphemy! These are God’s words in Jer 31:9. Everyone knows that Christ, the Mighty Conqueror, is God’s only begotten Son (John 3:16). When Ephraim is taken out of the way, our Mighty Conqueror will be empowered to act – and He will fight!! Zech 14:3 gives us one example!

Almost nothing most of you have formerly believed has any reality in the pages of the Bible. Prophecy is revealed only to those who have the Spirit of Prophecy, and the Churches of God were never given this. Since nearly all prophecy deals with the things that Christ Himself will fulfill, the parts of prophecy that He never fulfilled at His first appearance, will be fulfilled exactly as written! And while many people may believe they have the Testimony of Jesus, they have utterly failed to proclaim what the Bible says concerning the Son of David – our Mighty Conqueror! They’ve failed to recognize that it’s Christ’s intention to crush all opposition and to deliver a perfect Kingdom to the Father. This is what the Bible says: 1Cor 15:24 "Then the end will come, when He hands over the Kingdom to God the Father AFTER HE HAS DESTROYED ALL DOMINION, AUTHORITY AND POWER." And all those who continue to cast Christ as a weakling are in for the shock of their lives!

Those who fail to recognize the message of Christ and the entire Bible, will be caught up in the greatest holocaust imaginable! Nothing like it has ever occurred in the past, and neither will it occur again (Matt 24:21). Christ warned of this, but has never been believed! Every Christian group on earth has downplayed it. It has great scaremongering value to use in their sermons, but none have ever really believed it! And its these elements of Scripture that detail what Christ testified.

Most of Christianity ignores prophecy – yet most of what Christ taught concerns prophecy! On the one hand He fulfilled all prophecy concerning Him and His first appearance (Luke 24:44). He alerted the Apostles to understand that one of them would remain until he re-visited him again (John 21:22). It was at this re-visitation that He gave John the Book of Revelation (Rev 1:9-11). And with the delivery of this final book, the Book of Revelation, the whole focus was directed to prophecy. It’s prophecy that reveals the whole meaning of God’s Great Plan, and this Plan is only revealed through His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

No one can teach the Testimony of Jesus without the Spirit of Prophecy! Notice what is recorded in the Book of Revelation: Rev 19:10 "At this I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, "Do not do it! I am a fellow-servant with you and with your brothers WHO HOLD TO THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS. Worship God! FOR THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS IS THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY."

Today, before your very eyes, prophecy is being fulfilled!



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