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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Who’s to blame?

Who started this conflict and who is to blame for escalating it?  Even more importantly, what’s the overall strategy of this madness?  The Islamic hordes blame the Israelis, the U.S. says it doesn’t want to apportion blame.  So what does the evidence suggest, and does God have an opinion in this matter?

By Neville V. Stevens

New International Version quoted throughout unless otherwise specified.

                President Clinton and his administration have spent the last seven years trying to ‘guild the lily’ with their politically correct version of Middle-East peace.  It was convenient for them to place the burden of responsibility on the Israelis, while offering moral support for the many excesses of Islam generally throughout the world.  With the benefit of having dealt with Islamic terrorists for many decades, the western world seems unwilling to call a spade a spade.

                Even when absolute tyrants arise, like Saddam Hussein, the Ayatollah Khomeini, and Gaddafi of Libya, they insist that the conflict does not involve the peoples of these respective nations.  The western world seems to avert their eyes when their own flags are burned and these degenerates spit their venom against them generally, and the U.S. in particular!


The State of Israel:

On August 8, 1917, British Major Allenby drove the Turkish army from the Holy Land with a decisive battle at Megiddo.  He declared the unoccupied territory as a homeland for the Jewish people.  Arising from this was the Balfour Declaration which formed the terms and conditions for the occupation of the Holy Land and Jerusalem.  The Arabs feigned ignorance of the meaning of the Balfour Declaration and in 1920 declared a holy war (an Islamic jihad) against the Jewish settlers.

The land of Palestine remained a protectorate of the British Empire, which acted as a buffer against the Arab hordes who were bent on its destruction.  Around this time, the satanic forces of evil were grooming a certain man who would later arise as the century’s most prolific murderer of the Jewish people – Adolph Hitler.  The British recognized the growing trend of Nazism developing in Europe and raised the quota of Jewish immigrants to their new land from 5,000 in 1932 to 62,000 in 1935.  The Moslems rejected the new quotas, and fearing the growing influence of the Jewish people, launched a series of strikes and various boycotts, and actively pursued the complete destruction of all Jews in Palestine.

In 1937, in a bid to bring peace to the region, the British proposed a partition of the Jewish people and the Arabs.  Gaza and the West Bank were excised from the new Jewish homeland.  The Jewish people accepted this with some reluctance, but realized the advantage of separation from their troublesome neighbours.

Meanwhile in Europe, Satan was dealing his trump card, a man far more sophisticated than the mindless Arabs.  His man on the ground was Hitler.  His charter to Hitler was to destroy all Jews from the face of the earth, and then marshal his forces against the whole House of Israel.

From earliest times Satan realized that Simeon (Germany) was vicious and cruel, and quite capable of bringing offense against his own brothers.  Germany is the blood brother of Judah (the Jews), Levi and Reuben (France) through Jacob’s wife, Leah.  While the allies were preoccupied with the raging wars across Europe, behind the scenes Hitler’s puppets were busily rounding up the Jewish people for extermination.

Even though the theatre of war was extensive enough in Europe, Hitler determined to send Rommel to Africa. Satan’s plan was to mop up all the Jews in Egypt whom he considered dangerous because of their historical links to the Holy Land.  And then there was Russia!  Many Jews had migrated to Russia, and Satan’s objective was to destroy them too.

In 1948 the United Nations voted to partition the Middle East confirming the rights of the Jewish people to their own homeland.  A special committee of the U.N. reported on the state of Palestine and recommended the partition of the land giving the Jewish people and the Arabs a homeland.  The West Bank and Gaza were excluded from the Jewish sector, and control was given to the Arabs.  This decision preserved the partition imposed by the British in 1937.  But still the Arabs were not satisfied!

Immediately after the U.N. declaration, all the Islamic states rose up against the new fledgling state of Israel.  Serious rioting ensued as the Arabs tried to dispossess the Israelis and claim the land as their own.  The Arab League was formed to counter the new Jewish State, and Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq set out on a mission to bring war to the Israelis on multiple fronts.  But the Egyptians made a strategic mistake in 1956 – they seized the British-controlled Suez Canal!  The British and French retaliated against them immediately, sinking vast tonnages of shipping in the canal and gaining control once more.  The U.N. accepted responsibility for clearing the canal of sunken ships restoring its function as a sea lane. 

During this conflict, the Israelis struck in the Sinai Peninsula to secure their borders and drove all the way to Sharm el Sheikh on the southern border of the Sinai Peninsula (the site of the October, 2000 ‘peace’ talks under the hosting of Hosni Mubarek of Egypt).  Gaza was also seized and brought under the control of the Israelis.  The purpose of this was to prevent a blockade by the Egyptians of the Gulf of Aqaba to the south, and the Mediterranean coastline separating Egypt and Israel to the west.

While it was argued by the Arabs that they had no intention of blockading Israel, this is precisely what they did in 1967!  Afterward, in 1957, Israel withdrew from these territories after receiving guarantees from the United Nations that their access to the Gulf would be maintained.  But the Arab League was alive and well, busily plotting their next move.

It begs the question of what it is that so aggravates the Arabs about the tiny State of Israel.  Surely they have enough land already!  But these greedy, brute beasts are never satisfied!  They constantly declare they will never rest until they utterly destroy the Israelis.  And while they constantly follow through with their threat, the world views it as a harmless aberration of their degenerative minds, and which should be appeased with talks of peace.

Of course the ‘lost’ ten Tribes of Israel imagine that sound logic will finally win them over, and they will see the advantages of peaceful co-existence.  The problem is that the whole House of Israel doesn’t realize they are dealing with satanic offspring – Satan’s choice of barbaric insurgents.

By 1967, Egypt and her allies set the stage for a massive attack on the Israelis.  The blockade of the Gulf of Aqaba began, and massive military and air forces were arraigned on three fronts.  The Islamic propaganda machine insisted that they had no ambitions of an attack on the Nation of Israel, and the world believed them.  The Israelis were not deceived! Greatly outnumbered, the Israelis made a preemptive strike.  The disorganized Egyptians couldn’t even get their planes in the air, and the whole air force was destroyed on the ground.  Israeli tank columns and infantry followed through, driving all the way to the Suez Canal, capturing the whole Sinai Peninsula.

The pincer strategy of the Moslems involving Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan was met head on, and the Golan Heights and the whole West Bank to the Jordan River were captured, including the whole City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.  Soundly whipped like dogs, the Moslems cried ‘foul’ and set out to win support from the U.N.  The whole operation had taken the Israelis just six days (from June 5-10).

In the interests of ‘peace’, the United States of America called on the Israelis to withdraw from the occupied territories.  A strange request indeed when you consider that the imminent destruction of the Nation of Israel by the Moslems was only days away when the Israelis struck!  We will never know what the response would have been if the battle had gone the other way.  The U.S. government seems ever ready to grant undeserved concessions to the Arabs.  Perhaps we shouldn’t wonder why, since the Arabs control the strategic share of the petroleum reserves of the earth.

Of course, it was an entirely different situation when Iraq occupied Kuwait and began the systematic destruction and slaughter of the Kuwaitis.  Since the Kuwaitis are not Jews, the western world felt justified in protecting them.  But that’s another story.  Against all rationale and logic, the U.S and its allies stormed into the theatre of war to beat back Saddam Hussein.  Ostensibly, the U.S. feared a domino effect in the region.  In reality, the United States may never know what Mighty Hand forced them to do His will.

But even in the chaos of Desert Storm, Saddam Hussein launched sixteen missiles on the cities of tiny Israel.  Most of them failed to do much damage, but it demonstrated the overwhelming objective in the minds of these satanic forces.  How quickly the world forgets!  One might have imagined that these missiles would have been better deployed against the forces that were attacking them.  But no!  Satan’s priority is the destruction of the Holy City, which he will never own.

The history of the Jewish people in Palestine is far more extensive than this.  The Jewish people have never abandoned their hope in the Holy City.  They have suffered many obscenities and humiliations in their pursuit of the Holy Land, more than any other people, but have never wavered in their hope of God’s Kingdom being established on earth.  They envisage the arrival of a man like David – a son of David – who will champion their cause.  They know the Bible speaks of such a man who will arise from among them in the coming Diaspora.  A man just like Zerubbabel.


The Palestinians:

Yasser Arafat was born in Egypt (even though he occasionally forgets.  He frequently says he was born in Lebanon, and recently has claimed to be born in Jerusalem).  Regardless of where he was born, his birth does not confer any rights to the land of Israel.  Even the United Nations voted to give this land to the Jewish people.

Arafat endeared himself to the Arab world by the deployment of terrorist activities, leading bands of terrorists to snipe at Jewish settlers.  His terrorist background won him fame when he placed a bomb on an airliner, blowing it out of the sky with a loss of many lives.  This gave him a lot of clout with men such as President Gaddafi of Libya.  He further enhanced his position by detonating car bombs and blowing up buses with the loss of many lives.  Of course, the Moslems always blame some other obscure, phantom terrorist organization, which no one has ever heard of, to take the rap while they feign innocence.  Recall the same thing happened in Yemen with the bombing of the USS Cole.

Apparently, under the present political climate, killing innocent people is enough to gain celebrity status among Arabs.  Even though Arafat has proven to be a murderer and a terrorist, the western world has chosen to negotiate with him.  The Rule of Law established by the Tribes of Israel throughout the world demands he face the courts of justice, but for reasons known only to themselves, they have offered him the role of a statesman.  They have honoured him as a negotiator of peace.

When Saddam Hussein flexed his muscles against the Kuwaitis, Yasser Arafat made the strategic mistake of siding with Saddam.  The Arab world was against Saddam Hussein because of his stated objectives of being the self-proclaimed leader of all Islam, and his military armory was frequently directed at Islam.  His 20-year war with Iran, his slaughter of Kurds, and his general belligerence against other Arab states did not endear him to any of them.  When he attacked Kuwait, they saw him as a threat against all Islam, and supported moves to drive him back.

Ever the opportunists, the Palestinians publicly backed him, only to see him humiliated in battle.  The Arab world turned away from the Palestinians, and they became increasingly isolated.  Their funding dried up.  In desperation, they sought to endear themselves to the Arab nations by persecuting the Jews – though not in open conflict.  Planting bombs in public places, stone-throwing, petrol bombing, sniping with high-powered guns and lying propaganda became their weapons.  Over time, the Arabs saw certain benefits in having the Palestinians continuing their interfada. 

While the Arab world views the Palestinians as unwanted vermin (none of the Arab states wants them in their territory), they make excellent cannon fodder for their cause.  They can be used to incite hatred for the State of Israel, while the rest of the Arabs can feign innocence in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Strangely enough, the Arab League is alive and well, and 22 Islamic states have bonded in the common cause.  The expressed objective of the Arab League is the destruction of the new State of Israel. 

In the annals of history it’s rare indeed for the descendants of the prophet Joseph to tolerate such objectives.  The children of Joseph are two tribes, and these (Ephraim and Manasseh) have been at the forefront of goring nations to the ends of the earth whenever they exhibited aspirations of conquest against peaceful nations.  Yet the Arab League was tolerated and even encouraged to some degree, largely because of their petroleum reserves and the investments of the western world in developing them.

            An event occurred on the October 20, 2000 when a busload of settlers, including a rabbi, were traveling to Nablus (anciently Shechem), the burial site of Joseph (Jos 24:32).  This followed the appalling desecration of Joseph’s tomb by the Moslems – the treacherous Palestinians – who have now announced a plan to build a mosque on the site.

It should be remembered that this latest outbreak of fighting in October, 2000, occurred because of what the Moslems say was a provocative act by Ariel Sharon when he walked on the Temple Mount with a handful of Jewish faithful.  It begs the question of how offensive it is to the Israelis to see hordes of Islamic scum walking on the Temple Mount while they themselves are forbidden to do so by their own government.



 This is the event that so offended the sensibilities of the Palestinians.  Of course, they greatly embellished the event with their lies.  They claim Ariel Sharon had a thousand soldiers with him.

                 If just one man walking on the Temple Mount brings such offense to the Palestinians, you have to wonder about their mental state.  Later, they tried to claim Ariel Sharon had a thousand soldiers with him.  How many lies to the Moslems have to tell to be branded liars?  Yet if the President of the U.S. doesn’t publicly confess to what goes on in the privacy of his own bedroom (or Oval Office), then he’s accuses of lying and they try to destroy him.  But apparently it’s different with the Islamic hordes that ooze deception from the pores of their skin.  It seems that political correctness demands that these people be believed even in the face of outright lies.



So where’s the thousand soldiers?

  Ariel Sharon circled in red visiting the Temple Mount.

             Ariel Sharon had a reason for visiting the Temple Mount.  Throughout this entire conflict this reason has not been mentioned.  The media has assiduously avoided any mention of the reasons why this visit was necessary.  But first let’s consider provocative acts!  It seems the Moslems recognize a provocative act only when they can claim it’s directed at them.  And it seems the western media, in their blinkered state, only see provocation when they can blame the Israelis.

                Sure, they reported the desecration of Joseph’s tomb in Nablaus (Bible: Shechem), but it was given only scant coverage, and as always, they moderated their reporting by claiming it occurred through the frustration of the Islamic hordes.


 Destroying a 3,500 year old tomb of a prophet of God is considered nothing to these degenerates.  Arafat was so thrilled that he announced that a mosque would be built on the site.

Some may find it of interest that this region in the Holy Land is the land originally allotted to the Tribe of Ephraim, which God gave them as an inheritance, and Joseph is their forefather.  Ephraim (the United States of America) couldn’t care less!  The fact that their forefather’s grave has been desecrated and destroyed by Moslem hordes didn’t faze them at all!

                But little Benjamin (Joseph’s brother and the youngest son of Rachel), who now dwells with the Tribe of Judah, is outraged.  There is a prophecy concerning this.  At a time when a certain beast called Herod sought to kill the Heir of all the Holy Land, the Levite Matthew declared that Jeremiah’s words (Jer 31:15) were fulfilled.  This is what Matthew said:  Matt 2:17 “Then what was said through the prophet Jeremiah was fulfilled: ‘A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.’”  Ramah is in the southern region of the land allotted to Ephraim, and is today called Ramallah.

                And the significance of all this?  Jeremiah explains in great detail:  Jer 31:15-19 “This is what the LORD says: “A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because her children are no more.”  This is what the LORD says: “Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work will be rewarded,” declares the LORD.  They will return from the land of the enemy.  So there is hope for your future,” declares the LORD.  “Your children will return to their own land.  I have surely heard Ephraim’s moaning: ‘You disciplined me like an unruly calf, and I have been disciplined.  Restore me now and I will return, because you are the LORD my God.  After I strayed, I repented; after I came to understand, I beat my breast.  I was ashamed and humiliated because I bore the disgrace of my youth.’”  Ephraim will surely repent for their outrageous conduct, but not before they have acknowledged the God of Israel!  They will return like the prodigal son, and be received by the Father: V20 “Is not Ephraim my dear son, the child in whom I delight?  Though I often speak against him, I still remember him.  Therefore my heart yearns for him; I have great compassion for him,” declares the LORD.”

                After they have been cleansed of their evil ways, and their lack of concern for the holy things of God, they will return purified.  After being thoroughly humiliated, and after acknowledging their guilt, they will again return to the Promised Land.  God gives these instructions:  V21 “Set up the road signs, put up the guideposts.  Take note of the highway, the road that you take.  Return, O Virgin Israel, return to your towns.  How long will you wander, O unfaithful daughter?  The LORD will create a new thing on earth – a woman will protect (margin) a man.”  No need to guess who this woman is, she is mentioned in Rev 12:14.  This woman is the House of David, and the man she will protect is the House of Israel.

                Judah’s hard service is almost complete!  Ephraim would do well to note the events in Ramah!  Your hard service is about to begin!

                Of Judah, God says this:  Isa 40:1 Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.  Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and proclaim to her that her hard service has been completed, that her sin has been paid for, that she has received from the LORD’S hand double for all her sins.  A voice of one calling: “In the desert prepare the Way for the LORD, make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.” 

                Yes, Judah will be called to service early, and will join the Woman – the House of David (see Zech 12:7-14), and a tiny mustard seed will grow in the land to become the promised Kingdom of God.  Then the Islamic hordes will know they are fighting God!

                For centuries now, Christianity has been beguiled into believing that the Roman Catholic Church is somehow connected to endtime events, and will be a major player in the destruction of the western world.  They have drunk the wine of Satan’s deception, and against all Biblical instruction to the contrary, they have invented their own interpretations.  Well, they might as well fill the cup full now and drink the lot, because they have defied every principle of God’s Word!  They’ve utterly defied God and rejected everything He has said!  None of these lying teachers taught according to His Word – none of them!  In fact they have contradicted the Bible and refused to believe even the most fundamental principles.

                Had they believed God they would have known that He sent Ishmael away, and told Abraham that Ishmael had no inheritance with Isaac.  There and then an enmity or hatred was set up between the descendants of Ishmael (the Arabs) and the descendants of Abraham.  A hatred that would continue to the end.  This Ishmaelite venom has continued to this very day, and the Islamic hordes are the very embodiment of it.

                Islam has exported their evil venom all around the world, and is the fastest growing religion in the world.  Their hatred for the whole House of Israel is well documented, and they even called the United States of America the ‘great Satan’.  How could Christianity be so stupid as to not recognize this?  Where’s your ‘evil empire’ – the Catholic Church – now?  With the satanic forces building up all around the world, and in every nation, are you all so demented that you can’t see it?

                And for all those who selectively chose what parts of the Bible they would believe, didn’t you also teach that Jerusalem would be central to the fulfillment of all prophecy?  Carefully recall all that you taught concerning this.  Consider also what you refused to teach; for instance, when the Bible speaks of Judah, it’s speaking of the Jews, and when it speaks of the ‘lost ten tribes’ it’s speaking of the ten tribes that rejected Jerusalem.  Christianity seems to have forgotten that Jesus Christ was sent only to the ‘lost sheep of Israel’ (Matt 15:24).  Why didn’t you believe the One whom you claim to serve?

                All prophecy revolves around the children of Jacob (Israel) who became the 12 Tribes of Israel.  Even the lying Moslems can’t wrack up more lies to claim descent from the 12 Tribes.  This is what God says: Amos 3:1 “Hear this word the LORD has spoken against you, O people of Israel – against the whole family I brought up out of Egypt: “You only have I chosen of all the families of the earth; therefore I will punish you for all your sins.”

            And who are the traditional enemies of Israel?  Hasn’t it always been the nations that surround the Holy Land?  Wasn’t it Egypt, Assyria, Babylon (Iraq), Iran (Persia), Jordan, Arabia, and all the Arab states?  And don’t these people still live in the region, and don’t they still blow up ships and planes out of hatred for the only people God has chosen on the face of the earth?  For hundreds of years they have desperately tried to deny the Jewish people access to the Holy Land.


The Arab world:

                One of the most curious phenomena on earth today is the continual sabotage of American property and murder of American people around the world by Moslems, yet always the U.S. seems to believe that the perpetrators are independent terrorists who act without the knowledge of Islam in general.  So ingrained has this trend become that the Yemeni president was convinced the U.S. would believe anything.  When the USS Cole was bombed, he immediately claimed it wasn’t a bomb.  Ten days later he was still saying the same thing.  A complete moron could see that the source of the explosion was outside the hull of the ship.  So used to believing lies has the U.S. become, especially in relation to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, they were reluctant for several days to state officially that it was a bomb.


 After insisting on restraint by the Israelis for the mindless destruction by the Palestinians, the U.S. was forced to eat their words.  Big Brother had to exercise diplomacy even in the face of blatant evidence of the sinister motives of Islam.

Will they never learn?

             It seems the U.S. would have happily exonerated the Moslems if they could have gotten away with it.  They weren’t prepared to believe the rest of the crew of the USS Cole, they much preferred to honour the crazy Yemeni leader!  You have to wonder just how much concern they really had for their own murdered service men and women.

                Is the Clinton/Gore administration so irrational that they drink the poison chalice of the Moslems, and allow the murdered crew (and the survivors) to be humiliated?  This was an act of war committed in Yemeni territory.  It should have been treated as such!

                Now the U.S. has given the green light to every Islamic terrorist to commit murder and mayhem wherever and whenever they wish, and the U.S. will hold guilty only those that can be ‘caught with the smoking gun’ in their hands.  How stupid the U.S. must look to the cunning Moslems who can’t believe Americans are so easily deluded.  And how they must laugh at Christianity calling the Catholic Church the evil empire, when they have been slaughtering Catholics in all Moslems countries for years, totally unfettered by external interference.

            No doubt Catholic-hating, so-called ‘Christians’ derive some sort of pleasure at seeing innocent Catholics slaughtered by Islamic hordes.  How different they are from the Crusaders who, a thousand years ago, joined forces to drive Islam from the Holy Land.  Even the Crusaders knew who the enemy was!  But not the sanctimonious, self-righteous degenerates who have hijacked Christianity with ‘prophecies’ and stories they have made up, and who happily side with the Moslems against innocent Catholic families in many Moslem nations.

                It’s very easy to accuse the Catholic Church of idolatry, and a whole range of violations against the Christianity that Christ taught.  But what of Protestantism?  How virtuous have they been?  Well, we are about to find out!  The big test will come when they will be required to worship the image of a certain beast that will arise.  God is predicting that those who accuse the Roman Catholic Church of idolatry will cave in to the demand and willingly worship the image of the beast. 

Arising from the Islamic hordes will be a false prophet.  Saddam Hussein has recently published a genealogical chart showing direct descent from Mohammed – the greatest false prophet of all!  He has aspirations of being this man.  But so did the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran.  He too, claimed direct descent from Mohammed.  Shortly after he pronounced a death sentence on one of his critics who wrote a book against him, he died.  Since nothing he said came true, he certainly fulfilled the category of ‘false prophet’.  But neither Saddam Hussein or the Ayatollah Khomeini is the ‘false prophet’ that will arise – the one who will give support to the coming beast.  This man will arise and astound even the Islamic hordes and draw a powerful following with great exploits.  He will weld together the fragmented Islamic nations into a powerful force.  They’ll sweep through many nations beating them into submission and plundering them.

                Later, a master strategist will arise; one who has a formidable military force, and a global plan of conquest.  He will sweep through the region knocking down all opposition and galvanizing the Islamic forces to his will.  The Islamic false prophet will support him and deliver into his hands ten kingdoms.

                Every Islamic nation has aspirations of making a military strike that will propel them to prominence among all the others.  Each has aspirations of bonding all Islam into a formidable force, but none of them are prepared to risk offending the mightiest power on earth in open conflict.  When Ephraim speaks, men tremble!  But when this mighty restraining force is taken out of the way, then all hell will break loose.

                For the moment, Islam can only vent their hatred against the American people by burning their flags in the streets, and detonating bombs against their interests.  When they do this, they merely feign innocence and blame some other terrorist group.  In reality they seethe with hatred for all the Tribes of Israel.  But surely you’ve noticed!


It’s no coincidence that U.S. and Israeli flags are burned in every staged media event by the Moslems.  They’re expressing the object of their hatred.

 Knock, knock.  Is anyone home?

 Sinister Moslem objectives

Islam awaits the day when they can make a strike against the object of their hatred.  In the meantime they continue to crank up the propaganda machine to create this environment of hatred.  The purpose of propaganda is to create an environment of belief that has no reality in logic.  Manipulating the facts in a way that begins to seem right to the unwary develops the logic part.  Crowds are easy to manipulate with just a handful of strategically placed subversives who begin the chants and provide the flags to burn, or the stones to throw.  Feeble-minded people are easy to sway, particularly when it involves Moslem activities.

All of Islam realize that they have a disposable army of subversives in the  Palestinians.  Even though considered as worthless as pigswill by the rest of the Islamic world, they have value as cannon fodder to promote international antagonism against all the Tribes of Israel.  And what a cunning ploy Islam has adopted. 

The Arab League comprises 22 Arab nations, and they have just met to condemn the tiny State of Israel.  It may have gone unnoticed, but one of the proposals adopted, and proposed by the Saudi Arabians, was $200 million in aid to the Palestinians to equip them with weapons.  A further sum of $800 million is to be given the Palestinians to build a huge mosque on the Temple Mount.  The Saudis have confirmed their personal contribution in the order of $150 million.  The final communiqué worded it a little differently from the Saudi representative, but the $800 million contribution is called the Al Aqsa fund after the Islamic mosque on the Temple Mount.  They have further arranged that a day’s wages be given by every Arab for the general welfare of the Palestinians.  This amount is a clear addition to the $1 billion dollars.

Saddam Hussein of Iraq further offered a contribution to the summit by announcing that he has 4,000,000 soldiers ready to assist the Palestinians in the total destruction of the nation of Israel.  CNN was one of the only news sources to report this!  The well-oiled propaganda machine in the U.S. largely ignored it.

What the media circus has reported throughout this entire conflict in Israel is the perverted view that Palestinians only threw rocks and firebombs.  They reported that the Israelis were shooting live rounds of ammunition.  Yet almost every piece of footage they showed featured Palestinians with automatic weapons.  The amount of live ammunition fired by the Palestinians far exceeded that fired by the Israelis.  Unlike the Israelis who fire rubber bullets, the Palestinian terrorists shoot to kill. 

Let’s pretend the Palestinians don’t have guns!  These are terrorist snipers who shoot to kill!

Media scrum footage.  They cart in stones to throw and bottles to make Molotov cocktails.  The guns are hidden out of sight.

You’re supposed to believe the Moslems are the virtuous underdogs.  The mutilated body of an Israeli soldier is thrown out of the window of the Ramallah police station.

 The Palestinians gunned down a rabbi who tried to intervene in the desecration of Joseph’s tomb.  They have deliberately murdered many Israelis, and what is more, they’ve deliberately murdered their own people in order to blame the Israelis.  The problem is, the media circus seems to want to sanitize everything the Moslems do and find fault only with the Israelis.

“Shoot for the eyes” he tells his son.

“You’re worth $3,000 if you die as martyrs, my sons, so do your duty!”

Another trainee martyr – and his father is so pleased.

 The Palestinians blame the whole nation of Israel for what they curiously claim was a provocative act by Ariel Sharon when he walked on the Temple Mount.  And they feel perfectly justified in beginning a jihad (a holy war) because of it.  What the media didn’t report was the reason for the visit.  In defiance of the Israeli laws concerning the Temple Mount, the Moslems have been excavating a huge area and building a new mosque.  Huge machines have been unearthing and destroying archeological artifacts right down to the level of the first Temple.

What the media failed to report was the reason for Ariel Sharon visiting the Temple Mount!  What is happening on the Temple Mount seems to be the best kept secret in the western world.  None of the western media have been prepared to report the desecration that has been going on during the year 2000 and which began in December, 1999.  Heavy earthmoving equipment has been excavating the site for the purpose of building a new mosque.  Apart from Jewish newspapers and publishers, Jerusalem Post, Israel Wire, Aruz 7 and the Christian publication Christianity Today, only the archeological publication Biblical Archeology Society has mentioned it in any sort of detail.

The following picture credits go to Zachi Zweig, an Israeli university student.  His website has many more photos and is recommended reading.  Visit Zachi Zweig’s website: http://www.har-habayt.org/

Zachi was actually arrested by the Israelis for visiting the Kidron Valley dumpsite to collect discarded artifacts.  The Barak government apparently believed his actions might be provocative to the Moslems.  Zachi’s website is listed again at the end of this article.


 Aerial pictures of the unauthorized vandalism by Moslems on the Temple Mount.

Although the Palestinians were given access to the Templemount in 1968, Israel retained jurisdiction over the site.  This is also true of the West Bank and Gaza.  The Moslems demanded that the Jewish people be barred access to the Templemount, and the Israeli police, so as not to inflame the Moslems, has unofficially enforced this.  Any type of work that is done on the Holy Mount is supposed to be approved by Israeli authorities.  According to reliable sources, the only approval given for the new mosque developments was given verbally by Ehud Barak, and in circumstances cloaked in secrecy.  The Moslems actually demand permits even from Israeli authorities to visit the site of the desecration.


 Excavations right up to the perimeter wall has been done, hollowing out the underground cavernous site for a new mosque.  It seems peace is more important than the sacred things of Almighty God!

 Throughout the western world we have armies of activists disrupting progress with their feigned concern for ‘sacred sites’ and ‘environmental vandalism’ in their own countries, yet the desecration of the Most Holy Site on earth has not even drawn a whimper.  The $800 million slush fund to be donated by the Arab League for the world’s biggest mosque, and which is planned for the Temple Mount, would have to be cause for concern, not just for Jews, but Christians as well.  Strangely, there have been no expressions of concern by anyone. 

And what will the outcome be when the construction of this gigantic mosque is announced?  Will ‘peace at any price’ be the deciding factor?  Will the western world once more cave in to the demands of these slavering degenerates?  Well a few more car bombs, and a few more embassies bombed, and we can be reasonably certain that the Tribes of Israel will accept any conditions in the interests of peace and diplomacy.  Meanwhile the prelude to this final destruction and ultimate insult continues.  The Moslems have gotten away with it this time, and if the U.S. has anything to do with it, they’ll get away with it next time.


 An ornately carved arch is smashed to pieces and discarded like rubbish. 

            And the destruction continues, but no-one will stop it!  Priceless artifacts, the history of thousands of years, are ripped up and discarded, and no-one cares.  The Tribes of Israel have a lot to learn!

Another aerial view of the construction site, and the decline leading into the underground mosque area.

Ancient artifacts are smashed and strewn across the ground on the Temple Mount.

Precious artifacts mean nothing to these people.

            And why shouldn’t Ariel Sharon want to inspect the sort of vandalism that continues on the Temple Mount?  God has a special regard for those who sigh and cry for the disgusting things that are done in Jerusalem.

                Those who are familiar with history will know that Islam has always had visions of world conquest.  Knowing their history, the Moslems have visions of repeating it.  Their mindless mob violence reveals the satanic forces that drive them.  Their fanatic zeal for Satan (the MauzzimDan 11:38 and see marginal notation KJV) is characterized in the worship calls.  Five times every day Muslims are called to prayer from a mosque or minaret tower.  “The Muezzim calls that ‘God is most great, there is no god but God, Mohammed is the Apostle of God, come to prayers, come to salvation.’” (Quote from Koran).  Note the similarity of the Biblical word for Satan (Mauzzim) and the caller of the Muslims (Muezzim).  This is where the word Muslim comes from.

                Those who pander to the Muslim hordes are pandering to their father the devil!  And didn’t God warn long ago that Babylon would rise again and make people drunk with the wine of deception? (Rev 14:8).  And didn’t God also say that they would be careful not to hurt the wine or the oil? (Rev 6:6).  Which oil do you suppose it’s speaking of?  Olive oil which represents the Holy Spirit of God?  Hardly!  It speaks of the currency of world conquest – the petroleum fuel that is the lifeblood of the western world!  The strategic energy reserves of the world are controlled by Satan’s hordes. 

                Well, right on schedule, Babylon is rising again!  Using the bricks of the ancient city of Babylon as a foundation, Saddam Hussein, the ruler of the ancient land of Babylon, has almost completed the future world-trade center.  Decisions taken in this city will bring death, destruction and suffering to the entire world, with the possible exception of those who trade in the loot (Rev 18:11).

                Christianity is asleep!  They’ve drunk the wine of deception and no longer see the fulfillment of all that God has spoken.  They too, listen to the Mauzzim and believe him.  Unlike Abraham, they have never believed God!  Are they righteous?  Not according to the standards set by God!

                Meanwhile, the behemoth arises from antiquity, and no one has noticed.  It’s now sweeping the world, for the purpose of bringing utter destruction to the Tribes of Israel – God’s people!  Christianity has been given an opportunity to serve God – and they will serve Him – for better or for worse.  You will have to make that choice.

                Saddam Hussein is not finished yet.  In addition to offering his 4,000,000 strong army for the destruction of Israel, he also has a capital city in mind for all Islam.  He’s been busily building it in preparation for the big event.  He’s even put up a signpost to show the way.

Did you know that the Bible speaks of a signpost to Babylon? (Eze 21:19).  It has a lot more to say too, in the same chapter!

This immense city of Babylon will soon be completed for the task it will fulfill in prophecy.

A professional mendicant acts as curator for the Babylon site now under construction.

    Saddam Hussein would like his multi-talented qualities to be recognized by all.  He believes he has all the qualities necessary for a world dictator.  He’s an accomplished murderer and a liar and a self-serving egotist.  If that’s not good enough, he feels that his physical likeness to Nebuchadnezzar should make him a shoe-in.  He offers the following evidence:

The image behind Saddam is Nebuchadnezzar.  Notice the resemblance?  The only difference is Nebuchadnezzar didn’t pluck his eyebrows or get a permanent wave.

100 foot statue of Saddam giving the two-finger salute to all those who don’t like him.  All Iraqis love him – or else!!

Saddam trying to act tough!  The feigned smiles on his admirers are because of the uzzi trained on them (just out of frame).  The man just right of center is begging for his life.

 Saddam Hussein is a two-bit player, a worthless degenerate who will come to a swift end.  His nation will be swallowed up, and the mighty Persian Empire will rise again.  You’ve seen the speed in which things can happen during the month of October, 2000.  Those who know their God will also know the chain of events that can occur in a 3½ period (Rev 12:14).  There will be strong resistance from those who know their God, but others will have to weather the storm in faithful service to God (Rev 17:5-6).

The so-called moderates of the Arab League, that is, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, are only moderate because of economic ties with the western world.  

Iran (formerly Persia) is a horse of a different colour.  While U.S. tensions with this regime have continued since the days of the Ayatollah Khomeini following the hostage crisis, relations have warmed in the past few years with sanctions being lifted and trade barriers lowered.  The people of Iran suffered under the religious extremism of Khomeini’s days, and have moved to correct these restrictions with a more humane outlook, and a much more practical vision for national directions.

The Iranian people are not Arabs and have, themselves, always made this distinction.  Even though Moslems, their form of Islam is different from the Arab States.  While not totally isolated from the extremism of the Arab Sunni brand of Islam, the Iranian Shia Islam is far more moderate, and loosely aligned with western ideals.

Iran has yet to play out their finest hour, and will become the dominant force in Arab affairs.  They will arise to prominence and weld together great blocks of Islamic subjects, and they will rule over Iraq (Babylon) and seize its assets, including the newly built City of Babylon.  The Iranians are about to be propelled to great prominence in the world, and it has to be this way; the only impediment to that objective is Saddam Hussein.

Christendom has fought many battles throughout its history, predominantly to drive back Islam.  Eight crusades were launched over a period of 250 years with the purpose of crushing them forever.  As Islam swept across the northern coastline of Africa and into Spain and France, Charles Martell arose from one of the French aristocratic families.  His purpose was to drive Islam from France, out of Spain, and all the way back to Africa.  He succeeded, but left pockets of Muslims in Spain.  These are today called the Basque Separatists, because they live separately from the Spanish people – they continually cause trouble.  Burning, looting, sniping and car-bombings continue today.  Their anti-social behaviour has continued for hundreds of years.  Those who have the mind of the Mauzzim can never live in peace.

Charles Martell formed a dynasty that continued for centuries.  His grandson, who took his name from his grandfather and called himself Charlemagne, became quite a warrior in the defence of Christianity.  The house of Charlemagne continued to war against Muslim hordes in order to protect the emerging nations in Europe.  Without such men, Christianity would have been wiped off the face of the earth.  World history is thick with examples of Muslim conquest and ruthlessness.  Early Christendom was not fooled by them, and quickly recognized their aspirations for world conquest.

Satan’s strategy has always been to plant insurgents to create mayhem.  Islam has now spread to virtually every nation on earth.  An enclave of Muslims was established in Java in the ninth and tenth centuries.  Today, Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation on earth – over 200 million.  Since Indonesia is an emerging democracy, and since the Indonesian people are not Arabs, it could be assumed that they are among the more passive of Muslims.  But is this the case?  Or can we expect to see them join the ranks of American and Israelis haters among their Arab counterparts?

It’s already begun!  On October 30, 2000, Indonesian Muslims took to the streets.  Their fanatical madness resulted in burning and destruction.  The objects of their hatred were made plain with signs such as ‘Kill Jews’ and the usual U.S. flag burning.

The sign on the left says ‘Kill Jews’.  The one beside it is a call for Israel’s destruction.

U.S. flags are in short supply in Indonesia.  They’ve all been burnt.

The fanatical faces of Indonesian Muslims as they terrorize all non-Muslims.

In the City of Solo, close to Jakarta, Muslim hordes terrorized the streets, demanding that all Americans leave within 24 hours.  The U.S. has ordered the U.S. embassy in Jakarta to close, and evacuate.  They’ve also advised all Americans to stay out of the country.  They’ve warned that all Muslim countries are now considered high-risk areas.

Map of Indonesia – the most populous Muslim nation.

U.S. Embassy in Jakarta closes its gates and staff evacuated.

U.S. Embassy sign – the most hated object in the Muslim world.

Palestinian style headdress worn by Indonesian Muslims.

Since the days of Mohammad there has never been a central controlling body, nor a central figure to regulate the Muslim hordes.  Yet every aspiring hopeful has promoted his image at every opportunity, in the hope that he would be accepted as another ‘prophet’ like Mohammad.  Always the bridesmaid, but never the bride, Saddam Hussein is becoming increasingly frustrated.  He’s made every effort to promote his image.  His picture is on every street corner, and in every house, market and venue.

He’s everywhere…

…on every building…

Iraqis can’t escape him…

..yet the propaganda is working!

On watches…

…on highways…


And always the great hero!

He can’t understand why the rest of Islam don’t recognize him as the great saviour and prophet.  He needs something to propel him to hero stature in the eyes of all his peers.  Fighting the U.S. is not an option!  He tried that and failed.  But a more modest target is Israel.  He seeks an opportunity to flex his muscles without involving the mightiest power on earth.  He reasons that the Palestinian propaganda machine is winning sympathy, while terrorists are being activated to create havoc with bombs and terrorist acts, and putting U.S. personnel on edge.  He awaits his moment.

On 30 October, 2000, the U.S. has added new Muslim danger areas: Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, as well as Yemen.  Only days prior to this, all investigators of the U.S.S. Cole bombing, and other personal, were moved out of hotels and billeted on ships offshore.  Rioting and threats made it untenable to remain in Yemen.  Now the U.S. is saying that the marauding terrorists on the street don’t represent the Yemenis in general. 

Very soon it won’t be safe for any American personnel to be in the Middle East.  Then perhaps the U.S. will understand how the Israelis feel about constantly being blamed for the disgusting behaviour of Islam.  Perhaps it’s time all of Christianity took notice!

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